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TOQUE, Yukihiko Toquenaga, is an associate professor in the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, Univ. Tsukuba where he teaches ecology, statistics, and computer programming as well as theoretical biology. He specializes in population biology using a wide range of materials: natural communities of egrets and herons, laboratory populations of bean weevils, natural populations of bumblebees, and digital bugs living in computers. With these materials, he asks the reason why some organisms live in groups whereas others tend to live solitarily. He is often described as a theoretician, but he himself thinks that he is predominantly a scientific field worker. He is somehow good at capturing wild adult egrets and herons with his hands. The fate of the radio-tagged Cattle Egret in the above photo is described in here. Please read the top seven articles in Publications for further details.

The 2022 areal census was done! Thank you HS700D!

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