Autumn School 'Clinic on Statistics'

Clinic on statistics will be open druing 15:00-18:00 on 10 Oct. (Fri.) 2014.
Consultants are Dr. Eiichi Kasuya (Kyushyu Univ.) and Dr. Nobuhiro Minaka (NIAES). Anyone attending to PES30 can visit the clinic with his/her tough statistical problems and ask the experts for solutions. Discussion on the problem will start and may end with some fruitful advices or resignation.

How to consult

Please register your name, affiliation, and summary of your consultation (less than 200 words) via online registration form.

Please DO NOT attach your original data in this register form, in order to avoid problems of copyright, priority, and so on. If consultants hope to see your original data to consider an appropriate solution, a secretariat of PES30 ask you to show your data. We protect your rights concerning your data.

At the day of clinic on statistics, please give us a brief presentation concerning your consultation. Please prepare a few slides (Keynote, PowerPoint or pdf) for the presentation. The order of presentation is determined until the day of clinic.

You can resister two or more consultations, but the second and following consultations are allowed only when we have enough time. Please note that we cannot complete all consultation due to the limitation of time.