Poster presentations

Best Poster Prize

 [P08] 鳥のさえずりの地理的変異と種の認知:方言に対する反応の非対称性
 Shoji Hamao(国立科学博物館・動物研究部)

Excellent Poster Prizes

 [P06] The form of an evolutionary tradeoff affects eco-evolutionary dynamics in a predator-prey system
 *Minoru Kasada (Univ. of Tokyo), Masato Yamamichi (Univ. of Kyoto), Yoshida Takehito (Univ. of Tokyo)

 [P16] シロアリ女王の秘策:卵門を閉じて王と同居しながら単為生殖
 *Toshihisa Yashiro(京大院・農・昆虫生態)、松浦健二(京大院・農・昆虫生態)

 [P28] 性の存在が群集動態に与える影響:ギルド内捕食系を用いた理論的検証
 Kazutaka Kawatsu(龍谷大・理工)

Application for poster presentation was closed on 15 Aug. 2014. Contributing posters are listed in Program Book.

Poster Size

The poster should be on 90 cm (Wide) × 210 cm (Height) board, so your poster must be no larger than A0 size (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm). Plate of poster number (20 cm Wide × 15 cm Height) will be attached on the upper left of board, so please keep the space on your poster.

Poster Award

PES30 program committee will give awards for researchers presenting excellent posters. All poster presenters are registered as candidates of poster award. Foreign symposium speakers will join poster judges for poster award. So we recommend you to make your posters in English, at least for summary or abstract sections.