News and notifications


The reception desk (registration counter) will be open at the foyer gallery of University Hall (2nd floor) during the following time periods.
  10th (Fri) 12:00-18:00
  11th (Sat) 8:30-18:00
  12th (Sun) 8:30-16:00

If you have preregistered online without an advance payment, or if you have not registered yet, please complete your payment on the day of arrival. The registration fee is 7,000 JPN for a general PES member, 5,000 JPN for a student member, and 8,000 JPN for a non-member.

Please remember to wear your name tag in the University Hall building.


The cloak will be available at the second meeting room (DAINI-KAIGISHITSU) of University Hall (3rd floor) during the following time periods.
  10th (Fri) 12:00-18:00
  11th (Sat) 8:30-18:30 (there will be an alternative cloak at the banquet room during 18:30-20:30)
  12th (Sun) 8:30-16:30

Please keep valuables in your possession at all times. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Make sure to pick up all your luggage at the end of the day, because we cannot keep them overnight!

Resting & nursing

Resting room: the second meeting room (DAINI-KAIGISHITSU) of University Hall (3rd floor) and the lounge of KORYU-KAIKAN (2nd floor).
Nursing room: the first meeting room (DAIICHI-KAIGISHITSU) of University Hall (3rd floor)

Both rooms will be available during the following time periods.
  10th (Fri) 12:00-18:00
  11th (Sat) 9:00-18:00
  12th (Sun) 9:00-16:00

For those who would like to use the nursing room, please let us know at the reception desk.


Please start and finish your presentation on time. You will not be allowed to extend the scheduled time. Liquid-crystal projectors will be provided in all presentation rooms, but the organizers should be responsible for preparation of computers to which they hook up the projectors. We will assign a couple of assistants to each presentation room.

Poster presentations

Each presenter will be assigned to one poster board indicated by a unique "presentation number." Note that the presentation numbers will not always be consecutive between the adjacent boards, because these are identical to the registration number of the participants. Please check your registration number on the meeting program and use the correct board.
Tacks will be provided. You can start putting your poster up on 10th (Fri) 14:00. The scheduled core time of the presentations is 13:00-14:00 on 11th & 12th. All posters must be taken down after 16:00 on 12th (Sun).


We will select one Best Poster Prize and three Excellent Poster Prizes from all poster presentations, regardless of the career status of the presenters. The winners (lead/presenting authors) will be announced and awarded during the banquet.


Please be advised that you are responsible for the copyrights or portrait rights of photos and videos that you take during the meeting. Regardless of the presentation type, all phototakers should be meticulously careful not to cause any inconvenience to scientific activity of the presenters.

Steering committee

The committee will be held during 13:00-16:00 on 10th (Fri) at the third meeting room (DAISAN-KAIGISHITSU) of University Hall (3rd floor). Please make sure to be there if you are a member of the committee.

PES general meeting

The general meeting will be held during 16:45-18:20 on 11th (Sat) at the hall of University Hall (3rd floor). Note that PES has just re-started as an incorporated non-profit organization from this April (for details, see, and we need to discuss important matters such as the dissolution of the former PES as a private organization, and the transition of members to the incorporated NPO. All PES members are highly encouraged to attend the meeting!


The banquet will be held during 18:30-20:30 on 11th (Sat) at the plaza of University Hall (1st floor). Prior registration is required for attendance. We cannot accept additional participants in principle; however, if you are eager to attend, please consult with the reception staff on arrival. Our staff will be checking your name tag for the "paid" stamp at the entrance, so please make sure to bring it. We cannot allow anyone to join the banquet unless you have the stamp on your name tag.


Smoking is prohibited on all campus property at the University of Tsukuba. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

ATM/post office

We have a post office and ATM in the Annex University Hall, which is located at the east side of the University Hall, near the foot of the TOYO bridge (桐葉橋).


TAIGEI-NISHI parking lot will be available throughout the meeting period. The visitor parking of the University Hall will also be available. The car-stop fence gate will be unlocked, so you can directly drive into the parking lot from the Hiratsuka line.


Many of the eating facilities within campus will be open during 10th (Fri). Part of them will still be open on 11th (Sat), but few on 12th (Sun). Please bring your own lunch or try off-campus eateries in the neighborhood — the map will be available at here.
Participants can also make reservations for 700-JPN lunch boxes (incl. tea) prior to the meeting through online reservation form; deadline: September 19th, Fri. The payment should be made at the reception desk on arrival.


The University Hall has wireless LAN Internet access throughout the building for those who have their own computer. To access the internet, you will need 1) access point's password and 2) login name & password to the network authentication. They will be provided on request at the reception desk.

For this meeting, we will not have the program in printed format. All information will be posted on our PES30 website. Please keep your eyes on it!