About the PES30

 Organizing Committee of the 30th Annual Meeting of the Society of Population Ecology

 The Society of Population Ecology
 University of Tsukuba
 Colleges of Biological Sciences, University of Tsukuba


Organizing Committee:
 Chair: Kohji Yamamura (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences) and Yukihiko Toquenaga (University of Tsukuba)
 Secretary General: Yukihiko Toquenaga (University of Tsukuba)
 Members: Takehiko Yamanaka (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences)
      Tomoyuki Yokoi (University of Tsukuba)
      Katsuhiko Yoshida (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
      Kazuharu Ohashi (University of Tsukuba)
      Masako Katsuki (University of Tsukuba, PD)
      Miyuki Mashiko (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, PD)

Illustration: Yukihiko Toquenaga (University of Tsukuba)

Please direct questions to:
 c/o Yukihiko Toquenaga
  Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba, 1-1-1 Tennoudai, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki 305-8572, JAPAN
  E-mail: toque[at]biol.tsukuba.ac.jp